Interview: Ashley speaks to OK! Magazine about wanting to have her own fashion label

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Ashley Roberts would happily become a designer. The former Pussycat Doll has teamed up with Key Fashion on a line of pretty dresses. While she's largely known for her dancing and singing skills, Ashley wants to delve deeper into the world of fashion. She told the British edition of OK! magazine:

"I would definitely like to do my very own collection one day and have full input. I love Alexander Wang, Gwen Stefani's line L.A.M.B is fun, I bought a pair of shoes from Rachel Zoe and I love Opening Ceremony. I'm so excited about this Key Collection, though!"

Ashley is known for her great sense of style and always stuns on the red carpet. The way she dresses for an evening out varies according to many factors. She explained:

"It depends first of all what the event is, who's going to be there and the general vibe. It's usually about wearing something you feel confident in. I tend to choose something glam but edgy. I also like to rock a bright colour or some good leather."

As part of The Pussycat Dolls, Ashley often wore coordinating skimpy outfits with her bandmates. Since the band broke up in 2010, the star has had far more freedom with her look. Ashley said:

"It was exciting because I actually just got to be myself and do whatever I wanted. With the Dolls we didn't have a lot of creative say over things - we had a specific look, whereas now I get to play around and choose what I'm feeling for that moment in time."