Interview: Ashley tells Express what her weekends can look like

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Ashley Roberts, who is the face of new brand Key Fashion, tells Express what she likes to get up to at the weekend.

"I don't tend to have regular weekends as it can all depend on how busy I've been. But come Friday evening what I like to do is hang out with my friends. I enjoy mexican food so, if we can, we'll head out for a few margaritas and catch up over a meal. Then it's back to my pad to crash out and watch a movie. I love a good comedy."

"In an ideal world, I like to get up by 8am on a Saturday morning and be in a yoga class by 9am. I'm really into yoga, especially hot yoga. It's my favourite and I'm totally addicted to it. I don't have one particular place that I workout, so instead I might head out with my trainer or attend a class. I find it more motivating doing it that way. Then I'll do some errands, grab a juice and find a place for lunch. Again, if there's a mexican joint, that's where I tend to gravitate."

"In the evening, I like to let my hair down and go out dancing. I've ended up at the club Mahiki a few times. When I left the I'm A Celebrity jungle, my fellow contestant David Haye took me to a club which played hip-hop and r&b. We had a blast. If I want a more peaceful evening I might visit Soho House or the Groucho Club. If I was dating someone I'd happily sit in and watch a movie, but as I'm not it's great to go dancing."

"Sundays are really relaxed and chilled. Lately I've been hanging out with my former band mate Kimberly Wyatt and her fiance Max. If the sun's shining we'll go to the park for a walk and grab a bite to eat. I recently tried a british roast dinner and have to say I really enjoyed it, even though the yorkshire puddings took a bit of getting used to. Once the evening arrives I'll organise myself for the week ahead and relax with my dog, Cooper."

"I'm currently in London for a year. I was going back and forth to Los Angeles but I really love it here, so I've decided to stay. It's really very exciting."