Interview + Photos: "Being natural was liberating" - OK! Magazine

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Recently Ashley had an interview and photoshoot with the british OK! Magazine about Ashley's new platinum blonde hair, her skin care and more beauty related topics. You can check out pictures of Ashley's new hair by clicking on the thumbnails on the bottom of the post. I wrote down the interview for anyone who isn't able to pick up OK! Magazine, enjoy!

"You've recently gone blonder, as the face of Garnier Nutrisse Truly Blonde..."
"Yes, it doesn't give you that cheap blonde look because of the toner that comes with it; it's the cold platinum not the warm platinum. Not a lot of the colourants have that within the pack, so it's great. I've been all over the map with blonde, but I've never been white platinum like this before - I feel like it's really in fashion right now, and you can wear it so many different ways. You can still dress it down and make it sophisticated looking, then you can go rock and edgy too."

"Being a performer, have you ever been tempted to go crazy with your hair?"
"I had black hair at one time, then red, then purple when we first started the Dolls. I remember Marilyn Manson came to see one of our shows and he was like: "You're my favorite Doll." because I had gothic hair. Then one day, I went for an audition and they were like: "We want you to go blonde." I said: "I'll go blonde if you guys pay to make my hair go back dark again." Then I started getting loads of bookings as the blonde girl, and now it feels like me. I don't know if I could even imagine myself with dark hair again."

"Would you ever go for something extreme, like Jessie J, who shaved her locks off?"
"When I had my hair naturally, when it was dark, it was much longer, I had a mane of hair. People used to call me Topanga from [the US show] Boy Meets Girl, because I was this big massive ball of brown hair. I had extensions for the Dolls and I had it really long. I'd do a short bobby look, but I don't know if I'd ever do a Jessie J. I'd do a short, fun cut, though - it's fun to switch it up."

"Do you ever look back at any of your Pussycat Doll looks and regret them?"
"We were the queens of false eyelashes, so there are a few moments when I look back and think, oh...that wasn't cute, I should have had a quick check before I walked on stage. There was a look for The Pussycat Dolls - there were some times where I could be more fun and playful, light and neutral, but it was really about the lashes and the smokey eye and looking like we were going to kick some butt!"

"What about the red carpet?"
"Years ago when fake tan was first out, I'd have orange streaks down my legs or around my wrists. Not sexy. I'd get fake tan in my costumes. It was pretty disgusting. I learned to exfoliate, then I got good with a product and doing it myself, instead of having this thing squirt you down. It's all about working in circular motions and exfoliating and using lotion around the wrists. James Harknett, the spray tan artist, has taught me a lot."

"What's one of the best tips you've received from a hair stylist?"
"Sleep in a mask. And especially going this blonde, I have a really nice L'Oreal Professional Pro-Keratin mask I use. I have a shower, put in a treatment, sleep in it and you can tell it just gives it this extra moisture. It's amazing. I add Moroccan Oil to the ends of my hair too, to soften and moisturize. After a show, I also use a leave-in protector, which is for heat whether that's from the sun or styling."

"How was it coping in the jungle without your everyday products?"
"I had a few voices in my head, I'd come from the Dolls and that was how everybody had seen me, with big hair and makeup. I wondered if the natural me was going to shock people, but it was kind of liberating in a sense. The sun was shining so we got a little sunkissed glow. You're allowed one luxury item - I brought concealer, in case I got a big zit on my nose, what with HD TV, but I didn't really use it. The people that brought something like a pillow were fine! There were a couple of days we had fun, we got charcoal and made eyeliner - we found little fun things to do ourselves up with."

"What is your daily skincare regime?"
"I've been adamant about keeping my skincare regime since I was 11. I had quite bumpy skin at one point and it started to break out. I went to see a dermatologist and he told me to wash my face every night and moisturize. You don't want to sleep with any makeup on that's going to sink into your skin. I don't workout with any makeup on and I moisturize and sun proof during the day even if it's cloudy."

"Would you stress the importance of sun care for young people?"
"Yes, I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and my mom would put baby oil all over her for hours - she ended up having to have skin cancer removed from her face. I'd sunbathe as a kid, but you really learn what sun damage does to your skin. It's easy, get a moisturizer that has a sun protection factor in it and you're done."

"What products could you not live without?"
"I use oil to moisturize, then I use the Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream Sun. It has a small tint in it which is great, and it has an SPF. I love Maybelline's Baby Lips balms too - they smell good, like I want to eat them. And I always have an eyelash curler, a little under-eye concealer, some bronzer and boom! I'm there."

"Do you have a beauty icon?"
"Growing up I idolized Goldie Hawn. I think she's so amazing and there's major glamour there. Kate Bosworth has a great beauty look, while Jennifer Lopez always has great makeup."

"Finally what's the best beauty advice you've ever received?"
"It was from my mom - drink plenty of water. You have to keep hydrated and you have to flush out your system, so you don't have dry cracky skin. That's my number one."