Site: Learn everything you want to know about Ashley on U-AR

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Hey Team Ashley!

Not only did we want U-AR to be a fansite where we post the latest news about Ashley Roberts, we also wanted it to be a place where her fans would be able to find out everything they always wanted to know about Ashley's life and career. That's why we've been working very hard over the last couple of days to revive our menu on top of the page. We now have the following categories for you to browse: Ashley Roberts, Music, TV And Film. Every category has multiple and more specific sub-menus. Make sure to look through them all.

There's still some things left to tweak, but the majority is finished. If you have any suggestions, feedback or want something to be added/changed to the menu, leave your comments down below or tweet us @UltimateAshleyR. We hope you enjoy our new, interesting feature!