Closer Magazine Interview: "Stick-thin bodies aren't sexy"

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Former Pussycat Dolls star Ashley Roberts thinks having a toned body is "much sexier" than being "crazy stick-thin".

The blonde beauty is famed for her enviable curves. Roberts - who is a UK size 8-10 - has a healthy approach to diet and exercise thanks to her mother. In an interview with Closer Magazine, Roberts revealed:
"My mom, who was a personal trainer, was a great role model for me growing up. I’ll never be crazy stick-thin because I’ve always been athletic and have muscle tone, which is much sexier. I want to feel confident, strong and healthy - not skinny. I make sure that I do some exercise every day, even if it’s just getting out for a walk or going on a hike. I try to get to a class a couple of times a week - hot power yoga is great for toning and releasing toxins and stress. For cardio workout that burns calories, I love spin classes...You need to challenge yourself to keep getting the results you want."
Although Roberts makes sure she looks after her body, she doesn't deny herself the odd treat or two.
She added:
"It’s important to allow yourself a slice of pizza or a cupcake, as long as you’re eating well the rest of the time. My guilty pleasure is Mexican food. I love a fajita, followed by desert and a cocktail."
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