Video: Ashley's 1st Ustream 22/11/10

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Ashley just got off her first ever UStream. I wrote down all the questions she answered below.
What can you tell us about your projects?

I got a few things in the works. I mainly focus on my own music right now and I’m very excited about that. I’ve been in acting classes. Maybe some hosting. Got some meetings coming up about that. I’m going back to Australia for a little bit and I’m excited about that. I get to go to Bali which I’ve never been to.

How was it working with Bryan Todd?

Love Bryan Todd, he’s awesome. Hopefully we’ll have some good music for you guys to listen to soon.

When is your first album released?

Hopefully beginning of next year I’ll be releasing a single.

When are you coming back to London?

I was supposed to come three weeks ago. I wanna go back to London so bad and need to go visit Kim and say hi to all my UK peeps.

What do you do for Thanksgiving?

I’m going back to Arizona for Thanksgiving. I’m excited to see my family.

What’s up with the E-Book with Chrystel and Carmit?

I don’t know. You gotta get at Chrystel about that. I don’t know what’s going on.

What are your favorite make-up tips?

It’s not make-up but you know what I like is a tinted moisturizer. That’s always nice for during the day. Not too caky. Drink lots of water just for your face in general.

How do you do your hair?

Well I usually blow dry it and then I take a flat iron and just kinda like wrap it around like you would on a ribbon for a package or a present. Creates a nice wave.

Do you have any plans for next year?

Well hopefully release a single, hang out with my friends, go to the beach, love life.

What do you think about Her Majesty And The Wolves?

I think it’s awesome. Kim is rockin-rollin.

Do you love Nicole’s new single?

Yes I do.

What is your favorite PCD song?

That’s a tough one. I like Buttons.

What are your favorite movies right now?

How To Train Your Dragon. I feel like the dragon kinda looks like Cooper.

Do you watch Vampire Diaries?

I don’t!
Update: Thanks to @AshleyRobertsTM who recorded the UStream yesterday and uploaded the videos to YouTube. Enjoy watching the two parts below!

Part 1

Part 2