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Ashley is known for the super funny, sassy but also inspiring things she says. Below's only a small collection of some awesome things Ashley said in the past, whether it was in interviews or on her own Twitter page!

"My on-stage character is flirtatious but innocent. She's a fun free spirit."

"Runyon on a saturday is like going to the club. Place was carowded! Dang"

"I enjoy the fact that I'm an independent woman! But when all the power goes off at night and I'm left in the dark with a candle, a man would be nice!"

"Keep the dream alive! Believe in you and your dreams."

"Umm Hollywood you never let me down in the weird department!"

"Let's reach for the stars and land on the moon. We can do it"

"Xmas shopping is fun and all but I keep eyeing things I want! Fudge pops. This was not the game plan. Xmas shopping day 2. More like joining the herd of cattle"

"You can always get to where your going by being true to who you are. Don't ever sell yourself to reach to the top. Believe and work hard"

"Sometimes you just need to be free and express"

"Be confident and not cocky."

"Why is peanut butter and jelly just so damn good. Especially on toast! Heyyy just saying"

"I'm telling you if you want something done you gotta take action and do it yourself. Can't rely on others. Take charge peeps."

"Love yourself up! You deserve it."

"So many people will talk badly about you, question your choices and try and convince you that you can't do it! Have the courage to prove them all wrong."

"Everything happens for a reason! Have to have faith that it's all a part of the plan"

"Good tunes + ocean view + fam = a happy little chica"

"I think people have seen me in a studded bra and latex for enough so it might be time to cover up a little bit and say something else."