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Not only is Ashley a singer and dancer, she's also a great actress. Take a look at the movies and DVDs Ashley has appeared in.


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Make It Happen is an american dance movie from 2008, directed by Darren Grant and choreographed by Tracy Phillips. The screenplay was co-written by Duane Adler, who was the screenwriter for Save the Last Dance and Step Up. On August 16th 2007, Ashley was announced to join the cast by Entertainment Sunflashes. The movie was shot in Winnipeg, Canada from August 8th until September 17th of 2007.

In the movie, Ashley plays a girl named Brooke, who's a burlesque dancer at a club called Ruby's. A popular scene from the movie is the umbrella dance scene, where the three burlesque girls dance to "Beware Of The Dog" by Jamelia. Make It Happen was released on standard DVD in the UK on December 29th 2008. It also includes an extended sequence of Brooke's audition.


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Ashley Roberts is a part of the Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease workout DVD. It is a five-disc DVD series that combines teaching classic stripping moves with a low impact cardio workout. All routines were choreographed by The Pussycat Dolls founder, Robin Antin.